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Emotion, talent and creativity mark the coming of Andjelka Radojevic to Brazil

Mosaic of Andjelka Radojevic (detail)

The creation and the learning, as life teaches, are processes that generate a kind of pleasurable pain. The workshops with the Serbian artist Andjelka Radojevic, in Brazil, showed exactly that: a line that involved the participants in an attempt to get it right, give the best of themselves and repeat the cut as many times as necessary to celebrate the result. Details that surrendered and strengthened bonds of friendship accompanied by moments of great emotions, feelings, talents, plus lots, and lots of work. All in the name of art in mosaic.


Altogether, there were three workshops in Depósito do Mosaico in Curitiba: two "portraits" and one of "eyes and birds", organized by mosaicist Rosangela Kusma Gasparin in partnership with artist Bea Pereira and the manager Leticia Melara.

The results were surprising. Women of different carrears, professional mosaicists or only for hobby who had never done a portrait in mosaic before, created beautiful pieces, valued with personal touches that made them unique, exclusive. Expressing feelings through the eyes, make the mouth become natural, put the shadows in the right places and other techniques ... demanded patience, courage and determination. And the birds, in the hands of the mosaicists, got the movement , light and color and revealed that inspiration is all around, in feathers, in nature.

Andjelka proposed and succeeded masterfully, to teach the way of creativity associated with notions of composition, color, light and shadows. "In the mosaic, each one must have its own parts. It is rewarding when, after a workshop, each student has a different piece of work, regardless of whether they started from the same figure. The important thing, besides the correct technique is the personal characteristic ", teaches the master.

Letícia Melara, Rosangela Gasparin, Andjelka Radojevic
e Bea Pereira



Representatives of Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and several cities in Paraná came to learn, with lots of laughter, to be delighted with the talent of the mosaics and even go to tears of satisfaction and gratitude for the acquired content. Speaking of tears, not only the students were moved by the end of the course, but also Andjelka, giving thanks for the way she was warmly received. Moments of pure emotion that gave birth in the mosaics world, to a warm relationship between Brazil and Serbia. Different countries with different stories and distinct habits and far away from each other, now joined by the tesserae and the art of learning and teaching. Unmissable moments that will surely be recorded in the memory of all that were present.


The success and results achieved raised the possibility of other international masters coming to Curitiba. "We're thinking of bringing, perhaps once a year, an international workshop to further enhance the mosaic art in Brazil," says Bea Pereira. This year, it is already confirmed for the month of April, at the Deposito do Mosaico, the presence of the artist Marcelo de Melo, Brazilian mosaicist living in Holland for 16 years, recognized internationally for his structural art.



Whoever did not come to Curitiba will be able to attend workshops with Andjelka Radojevic in Serbia. The artist prepares courses for foreigners in her country and there are events scheduled for the month of June with the confirmed presence of Brasilian mosaicists.

(By Magaly Floriano/Translation: Adriane Heinisch)
More details about the workshop in Serbia, see below information with Andjelka Radojevic:

Andjelka‘s Workshops 2013
E: mosaics@bk.ru T: +381 63 8000 656

Dear Students,

As a young and ambitious artist I have decided to start doing mosaic workshops. My idea is to transfer my mosaic experience, while introducing you to my homeland.

I teach indirect method. I am a strict teacher, and I’ll give you my best to enable you to make your best mosaic ever! At the same time, I would like to make it a relaxing and joyful workshop, full of memorable moments. I’ll respect if you would like to have more privacy and more free time. I’ll be available for you 24h not only as a teacher, but as a friend too!

Workshop descriptions:

Portrait Workshop - 12 nights/13 days
I will prepare portraits and each student will choose the type of portrait he/she would like to make.

Details Workshop - 8 nights/9 days
Concentrating on parts of the face such as lips or eyes.The pattern can be a small bird too.

I will assist you in choosing a drawing. The mosaic materials I prefer for this class are natural stone and ceramics. We will use smalti for small details, however, students are welcome to bring their own smalti or gold if they wish to use more. Workshops begin at 9.00 am and end at 5.30 pm. Coffee and lunch breaks are provided. The agenda is not fixed on excursion days.

If a student cannot finish his/her mosaic on time, they will receive all the necessary material and instructions to finish his/her mosaic at home.

The workshops will consist of practical and theoretical elements, documented with plenty of examples.
The number of students is 1 - 6 max. Friends and family are welcome too . Please, contact me for more details.

Rates (all inclusive):
Detail Workshop
01 June to 9 June
surcharge for a companion
900 euro

Portrait Workshop
15 June to 27 June
surcharge for a companion
1200 euro

A 500 € deposit is required upon registration. The balance is due upon arrival.

Rate includes:
- All necessary mosaic material: natural stone, ceramics and smalti for details, nippers, hammer, incus, tweezers.
- Transfers from/to the airport.
- Accommodation in Vrnjacka Spa (central Serbia, the most beautiful spa in the Balkans, with the average temperature of 28’C (82F) during summer season). Accommodation will be provided in Villa Mignon Hotel, plus two nights in Belgrade.
- Three meals per day and non alcoholic drinks.
- Belgrade sightseeing (the World’s biggest orthodox Christian church – Saint Sava’s Temple; Kalemegdan fortress; Saint Paraskeva mosaic church; Prince Michael street, etc).
- Visit to mausoleum of the Serbian Royal dynasty – Oplenac, representing one of the largest mosaic surfaces in the World (38.000 sq ft).
- Visits to the most beautiful Serbian restaurants.

Rate doesn’t include:
- air fares
- spa treatments
- telephone costs
- gold smalti (arrangements can be made at an additional cost)
- car rental
- tips
- alcoholic drinks
- visa expenses / please, check in advance if you need visa, get the necessary information about that, and I will help you in case that you need it/
- traveler insurance

Additional info:
Useful links if you would like to know more about me and Serbian hospitality:
For CMA members - News on CMA site, CMA Artists Spotlight
For everyone - News Interview on Youtube.

People are welcoming in Serbia, and many people speak English. Serbia is a very safe country with great food!

If you are interested in taking a course with me, please contact me for an application form.
See you soon in Serbia!

With compliments,
Andjelka Radojevic



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