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Carol Shelkin and
the magic of colors


With original ideas, the American artist Carol Shelkin plays with the color palette and creates in stained glass, her own and amazing style. Her mosaics, which refer to Impressionist paintings, enchant not only with the form but also with the content. Her works are full of colors, flourish with sensitivity and they show a lot about her way of being.

Mosaics by Carol Shelkin

Teaching the magic of color and the importance of the true artistic creation, Carol vibrates when sharing the recognition of her art through the invitations she has been receiving from various countries to conduct mosaic workshops. 2013 has been, without a doubt, a year with a busy schedule that began with workshops in Toronto, Canada. In the United States, Carol taught in Santa Barbara, California, Tacoma, Washington, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois.

In these August, she heads to Melbourne and Camberra, Australia. During September, the artist returns to the Americas and conducts workshops in Vienna, Virginia, in October in Michigan and in November in Dallas,Texas. After, she conducts workshops in Costa Rica from the 23th. In December it will be time to present her art to the Mexicans in Puerto Vallarta, and for 2014 there are workshops already confirmed in Charlotte and in Asheville, North Carolina, in Santa Barbara, California, and also in Florida.

Below: the panel "Fabulous Hair" and Carol Shelkin


Between the creation of beautiful mosaics and from one workshop to another, the friendly and talented mosaicist confesses that, to hear Brazilian music is what she loves to do. Her preference is the Bossa Nova style, which she learned to love with neighbors Patricia and Orlando, a couple of Brazilian musicians who form the group in Philadelphia called "Minas" and they squander talent with a refined repertoire. "I love Brazilian music through them," emphasizes the artist when referring to friends.

Information on workshops with Carol Shelkin at: carol.shelkin@yahoo.com
and also visit www.carolshelkinmosaics.com

Translation: Adriane Heinisch




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