Gila Rayberg on her way to Brazil:
American mosaicist teaches in
a workshop in Pompeia, São Paulo


Her work denotes strength and provokes emotions. "I want people to look at the mosaic portraits I produce, and connect themselves, in their own way, with what is behind the face. Emotion is always fundamental, "says Gila Rayberg an American mosaicist who is in her way to Brazil to teach for the first time in Pompeia, SP, a portrait workshop in the Solange Piffer Mosaics Studio.

The expectation of landing in Brazil for teaching is great and she said that her approach to teaching, like most things in her life, relies on strong intuition and spontaneity. "I enjoy working with students individually to help them develop their strengths to try and learn new techniques. I taught music for many years and I believe that the practice of mosaic is strangely similar in many ways. The more people feel comfortable with the techniques and tools, the freer they become to grow artistically, "she evaluates.

In her studio in Florida, USA, Gila produces her mosaic art besides ministering workshops. Concentrated in attending everyone, she prefers small groups which give to the classes an intimate environment. Many of her works can be found in private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

  Works by Gila Rayberg:
"Morning After" and

With a musical training, a degree in Trombone Performance at Arizona State University, and after traveling the world with her music, Gila discovered in the mosaic art another artistic flair. Although the first contact with the technique have happened in the 80s, it was only in 2000 when she met the love of her life in New Orleans, that mosaic art bloomed in her path. "I decided to present him with a table which I produced in secret. When I gave the gift, he was unusually speechless and gave me encouragement and permanent support. The result is that today's mosaic is what I do. It's who I am, "she emphasizes.


For six years she has been living in Perdido Key, Florida, a peaceful place in the Gulf of Mexico, and she says the pace around her has slowed, but the artistic production has gained a lot of strength. "I was surprised by the number of artists who I came in contact with and the quality of their work. Currently I am part of a group of four people in a local Art Gallery, Quayside. A newspaper critic has referred to us as "the strongest show in 2014". Another local Contemporary Art Gallery, Artel offers regular juried exhibitions. My work has been selected for numerous shows and I was awarded for the exhibition "Body of Work" in January and February 2014 which featured 18 of my pictures in mosaic, "she celebrates. She says that the year 2014 brought other big news.

Gila and her work "Long Legged Reader"

"I was honored to have two of my mosaic portraits, selected for an exhibition at SAMA, in Houston, Texas. The works were "Lost in Thought" and "Kitchen Goddes ". My works were published in several books, including Mosaic Fine Art Portraits of Irit Levy and Pam Givens "she says.

The art of Gila is different, authentic, gorgeous and more recognized every day. In the last three consecutive years her works were selected for the Pensacola Art Museum and in January 2015 she will be a speaker at the same Museum.

It is with this background that Gila Rayberg arrives in Brazil.

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Rachel Reed Dushoff

Write down:
Workshop in portraits with Gila Rayberg
from November 13 to 16
at Solange Piffer Mosaics Workshop
– Avenida Senador Padua Salles, 523, City Center - Pompéia - São Paulo.




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